Having spent over fifteen years as a full time professional musician at the top end of the business, ‎Tansy Aked, the Musical Director and Producer for‎ ‎Pindock Productions, can provide a whole range of exciting musical options for any occasion, using only the country’s leading musicians and singers.

Jazz Bands, String Quartets, Pianists, Opera Singers, Harpists, Swing Bands, Classical Soloists, Ceilidh Bands, Pipers, Wind Ensembles, Brass Bands, Flautists, Guitarists, Sax Players, Party Bands, Cabarets, Themed Musical Events...

...and so much more...

Whatever type of musical entertainment you need, Pindock Productions can guarantee to provide the best actors, singers and musicians in the business

Why not call Tansy today for a free one-to-one consultation?

  • Stephi on Harp
  • Jan and Damian
  • Rachel Flute
  • Graham and Paul
  • Tansy Aked at Keyboards
  • Loren on sax
  • Entartet Cabaret
  • ECG Quartet

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